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"Chasing Dreams in Himalayas" — Black Highland Barley Processing Factory

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Wang Chenyan Time : 07/16/2014 Editor : Tenzin Woebom

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    A highland black barley processing factory with four producing workshops and twenty four water mills altogether lies in a remote valley in Jiayu Township, Lhunze County of Lhoka Prefecture. All the workshops in this factory,like fried workshop, packaging workshop and peeling workshop haave realized mechanization and modernization.


    To guarantee the quality of raw materials, the Lhunze County has promoted black highland barley in 20,000 mu demonstration plot. The purchase price of black highland barley is about 1 yuan higher than the ordinary one. Like a “black pearl” on earth, the black highland barley has become a trump card for the local farmers to getting rich. It also witnessed the development of the border areas in Lhoka Prefecture.



    The black highland barley in a demonstration field rippled in the breeze [Photo/ Tian Fusheng]



    A worker is gathering the black highland barely powder in the factory [Photo/ Tian Fusheng]




    Although mechanization has been applied in most areas, every grain of black highland barley is ground by water mills [Photo/ Tian Fusheng]




    A worker shows us the newly ground highland barley powder. [Photo/Tian Fusheng]



    Jiayu black highland barley has become a famous brand in Lhoka Prefecture [Photo/Tian Fusheng]




    Black highland barley processing factory in remote mountains [Photo/Tian Fusheng]


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