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Lhasa Railway Station prepares for upcoming Spring Festival travel rush

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 12/16/2016 Editor : Tenzin Woebom

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    Passengers queue up to buy tickets at windows at Lhasa Railway Station in Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. Lhasa started on December 15 to sell train tickets for the Spring Festival travel rush period, which starts on Jan. 13, 2016. [Photo taken by Tenzin Woebom/VTIBET.com]


    The Spring Festival is coming. Do you know what is going on in China? The answer is massive migration, which means hundreds of millions of Chinese will set off on their journey home for family reunions between January 13th and February 21st, a 40-day period known as "Chunyun" or the "Spring Rush".


    At Lhasa Railway Station, hundreds of people queued up to purchase tickets, among them a migrant worker named Zhang Yuhua said, "I came very early this morning for fear of congestion, but it's turned out much better than I’d expected. The whole booking process took me only three minutes. It was very convenient. The joy of actually getting the ticket at a fair price is overwhelming."


    According to the situations in previous years, Lhasa Railway passenger numbers are expected to peak around December 20th. Also, tickets will be relatively tight for passengers who head to Chongqing, Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai.



    Passengers purchase tickets at ticket vending machines in Lhasa Railway Station. [Photo taken by Tenzin Woebom/VTIBET.com]

    In order to meet the travel peak, Lhasa Railway Station is taking steps to make travel easier for hundreds of millions of people going home for the Spring Festival.


    "Because trains are the major choice for especially long-haul travels in China, travel demand normally surges each year around the Spring Festival. Hence, authorities are sparing no efforts to increase capacity to deal with the surge of passengers," said Dechen Wangmo, a staff member of Lhasa Railway Station, adding, "during the 40-day travel rush, we will add ticket windows and ticket vending machines at the railway station for making seasonal tickets available earlier."


    What's more, to ensure passengers travel safely, conveniently and comfortably, Lhasa Railway Station is ready to provide well-rounded services for passengers to meet their specific demands, including answering questions at the information desk, helping carry heavy luggage for the passengers and providing hot water at the waiting room, etc.


    The Ministry of Lhasa Railway says passengers can purchase train tickets via internet or phone, starting from December 15, 30 days before their travel date, that means most people can now buy tickets for Spring Festival. The move is expected to avoid long queues in train stations, and allow people to plan their journeys further in advance.


    In addition, train passengers will get a free refund for a cancellation made 15 days before their planned travel date. Apart from that, the tickets pre-sale service has been extended to one month.

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