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100 new energy buses put into operation in Lhasa

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Wang Ziru Time : 01/11/2018 Editor : Wang Ziru

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    [Photo/ China Tibet News]


    On January 9, the first batch of 100 new energy buses of Lhasa Traffic Industry Group were officially put into operation after strict testing and adjustment, and these energy buses were distributed in Lhasa bus routes including Bus No. 1, 8, 16, 20, 28, 29 etc, according to China Tibet News.


    It is understood that the 100 new energy buses released this time are the more advanced environment-friendly buses in China so far, and other 28 buses will be fully put into use at the end of this month.


    This kind of environment-friendly bus has many advantages, such as lower noise, less pollution, energy conservation and environmental protection, smooth operation, safety and comfort, as well as simple and convenient operation.


    This batch of new energy bus is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, which is an internal electric drive with an hour speed of 30 to 40km, and it will convert into gas drive with a buffer charging function above 40km/h.


    At the same time, this batch of bus is equipped with advanced equipments, such as airbags, independent heating, as well as the one step, which is more convenient for the elderly to get on and off than the previous two steps.

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