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Tibet’s Ngari received over 660 thousand visitors in 2017

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 01/11/2018 Editor : Tenzin Woebom

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    Photo shows magnificent Guge Kingdom Relics. [Photo/Chinanews.com]


    Ngari, an ancient prefecture located in west Tibet, received a total of more than 660 thousand domestic and overseas visitors last year, with a year-on-year growth of 20 percent. The tourism revenue totaled about 750 million yuan, up by 10 percent over the same period last year, learned from statistics released by Ngari Tourism Bureau.


    Hailed as "roof of the roof of the world", Ngari, at an average elevation of 4,500 meters above, is the birthplace of the four major rivers in Asia. It’s the place where the Himalayas, the Gangdise, the Kunlun Mountains and Karakorum Mountains meet.


    There are great mountains, beautiful lakes, vast grasslands and spectacular snow mountains in Ngari. Famous tourist landscapes, including Mapam Yumtso, Kangrinpoche, Guge Kingdom Relics, Piyang-Donggar Caves Relics, Zanda Clay Forest and so forth, are all in Ngari Prefecture.


    "In 2017, more than 12 thousand farmers and herdsmen in Ngari participated in tourism industry, creating income of 153 million yuan, and promoting tourism development of 11 poor villages with tourism development conditions," Liu Qilin, deputy director of Ngari Tourism Development and Reform Commission introduced.


    According to some relevant reports, 12 new tourism projects were built in Ngari last year, with a total investment of about 11,62 million yuan, and a total of 96.6 million yuan budget was approved by the central government to invest 6 key tourism projects that were declared to the 13th Five-Year Plan.


    What’s more, Pangong Tso, a saltwater lake, which was inscribed in 50 awe-inspiring natural wonders by CNN, is located in eastern Ladakh along the border with Tibet. About 1/3 of the lake is in Ladakh with the remaining 2/3 being in Tibet. This beautiful lake sits at an elevation of 4,350 meters. The lake and sky are both amazing shades of blue that make it become one of the must see scenes.

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