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A glimpse of beautiful view in Lunang town

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 08/01/2018 Editor : Tenzin Woebom

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    Meaning "dragon king valley" or "place where gods live in" in Tibetan, Lunang, a small town in Tibet's Nyingchi endowed with abundant forest vegetation, is always known as "natural oxygen bar" and "biological gene pool".


    With a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan (436 million U.S. dollars), Lunang is the newest town in Tibet. Here tourists can enjoy splendid natural scenery, various traditions and high-level infrastructure.


    Located between Nyingchi to Bome section of No. 318 national highway, where people could enjoy the most beautiful scenery, the small town is surrounded by Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Mount Namjabarwa and many other scenic spots.



    Photo shows a distant view of Lunang town. [Photo/VTIBET.com]



    Photo shows a hotel with Tibetan features. Travelers could choose to stay in the Tibetan style house for better experience. [Photo/VTIBET.com]



    Buildings in Tibetan style is common in Lunang town, accompanied with various supporting infrastructure. [Photo/VTIBET.com]



    Photo shows a distant view of Lunang town. [Photo/VTIBET.com]

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