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Tibet’s Meldrokungar county lifts locals out of poverty

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 08/07/2018 Editor : Tenzin Woebom

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    A woman in a skill training class sits in front of a weaving machine, and learns how to weave pulu (a kind of richly textured cloth) skillfully with his feet pedaling as well as hands pushing and pulling the machine. [Photo/China Tibet News]


    To beef up precision poverty relief measures as the country plans to lift all poor people out of poverty by 2020, local government of Meldrokungar county in Lhasa, regional capital of Tibet, implements poverty alleviation measures with local characteristics and seek innovation in relief methods.


    Lots of efforts have been made by local government to help impoverished people increase confidence in their ability to lift themselves out of poverty and ensure they can access the education they need.


    In recent years, focused on helping farmers and herdsmen to get rich, Meldrokungar county has promoted the construction of industrial projects, increased the training for underemployed poor people, and changed the ideas of the poverty stricken households.

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