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The third Gurong tsampa cultural tourism festival ended in Lhasa

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Liu Yinan Time : 08/13/2019 Editor : Liu Yinan

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    The third Gurong tsampa cultural tourism festival held in Doilung dechen district of Lhasa city, came to a successful end on August 11. The activity aimed to promote the development of the cultural tourism industry in Doilung dechen district and accelerate the transformation of local tourism industry. Xinhua reported. 


    Tsampa is one of the Tibetan traditional staple foods. In a featured products exhibition area of the festival, tsampa, yogurt and other local products were displayed. The audience were also invited to participate in a "kneading tsampa" competition to make delicious food on-site. 


    Advantaged climate and geographical environment make Gurong township rich in high quality barley crops. Gurong tsampa tastes delicate , sweet and tender thanks to the water mill processing technology handed down from generation to generation. It enjoys the reputation of "refined grain" and is deeply loved by the Tibetans. 


    Phurden, publicity minister of Doilung dechen district, said that the activity was a major measure for Gurong to speed up the development of cultural tourism and set up the banner of characteristic culture brand. It was also a grand event for Doilung dechen to embrace the world and make friends. 

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