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2015 Lhasa Shoton Festival Is Just around the Corner

  • Source : China Tibet Online Author : Time : 07/25/2015 Editor : Wang Chenyan

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    With much anticipation, the official schedule of the 2015 Lhasa Shoton Festival finally came out of the drawing board and the annual grand celebration was just around the corner. This year's festivity is scheduled to last from Aug. 14 to 20. Apart from traditional Buddha unfolding ceremony in Drepung and Sera Monastery, operatic Tibetan opera shows, and annual Tibetan Thangka Expo, the seven-day celebration for this year involves International Namtso Lake Trekking, Tibetan music seminar, live commercial concert, soccer championships. Tibet Commercial News reported.



      Live performance of Tibetan Opera at the opening ceremony of Shoton Festival


    Listed as the first intangible cultural heritage of its kind by Chinese State Council in 2006, the annual Lhasa Shoton Festival has long been a vital parcel of the continuation of Tibetan folk culture and Tibetan Buddhism tradition. In Tibetan language, "Sho" literally means yogurt while "Ton" symbolizes feast. So, the original meaning of this pure religious festival "Shoton Festival" suggests a joyful gathering of Tibetans and monks to taste yogurt and care for all living creatures.



      A Tibetan granny is preparing the Yogurt delicacy


    As time goes by, the Lhasa Shoton festival gradually evolves into a spirited celebration, overflowing with carnival atmosphere. World-wide tourists will instantly find themselves engulfed in a massive celebration where tradition and modernity are perfectly integrated with each other. Not only are you drawn to impressive Buddha unfolding, but also get ready to explore varied artistic performances, vintage craftsmanship display, sports competition, live concert, and so on. For businessmen, it's also a rare chance to rub shoulders with potential clients and exchange news with friends in the same field.


    Lively and orderly, the Shoton Festival now is truly a window displaying the glamorous Tibetan culture to the eyes of the world.


    Specific Schedule for 2015 Lhasa Shoton Festival


    a. Aug. 14, Morning; Buddha Unfolding Ceremony; Place: Drepung and Sera Monastery

    b. Aug.14, 20:00;Shoton Festival Opening Ceremony; Place: Basket Court of Central Sport Stadium, Lhasa

    c. Aug. 14--20; Tibetan Opera Performance; Place: Norbu Lingka; Dzongyab Lukhang Park

    d. Aug. 15-16; The Second Tibetan Music Seminar and "Green Homeland" Commercial Live Concert; Place: To be confirmed

    e. Aug. 8-18; The Second "Sport Lottery Championships" Soccer competition; Place: Lhasa Foreign Language School, etc.

    f. Aug.16-20; The Ninth International Namtso Trekking Contest; Place: Namtso Lake

    g. Aug. 14; "Pure Land Green Project" Trade Seminar; Place: Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Lhasa

    h. Aug. 14-17; "Pure Land Green Project" Trade Fair; Place: Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Lhasa

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