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Power to Go: Celebrity Leads Pilgrimage in Tibet

  • Source : China Tibet Online Author : Time : 08/25/2013 Editor : Zhang Mingjie

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    Chen Kun (upper Left) and his 2013 "Power to Go" team (lower two pictures) finished their 9-day hiking and camping journey on the foot ofHimalayas. Upper right in the photo are Tibetan children they met on the way. Drinking water from mountain streams and eating bread in rain, their bodies are painful but minds happy. [Photo/ChinaTibetOnline]


    With the completion of 2013 "Power to Go" journey in Tibet led by Chinese entertainment celebrity Chen Kun, series of relative photos taken during the walk were released on Weibo (Chinese twitter) last week, raising a discussion heat on the celebrity and pilgrimage in Tibet.


    Themed "walk quietly around Himalayas" this year, the 2013 "Power to Go" started on Aug. 11 from Lhasa, capital city of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region", and rounded up on Aug. 19 after nearly 80 people's 110 kilometers walking on an average elevation of 4,700 meters.


    "Power to Go" is a public welfare program initiated by Chen Kun in 2011 aimed at building up people's psychological world and arousing people's awareness of inner world.


    Taking after Tibetan believers' pilgrimage to worship Buddha and holy mountains and lakes, the "Power to Go" walking journey is intended to let the participant experience a retreat or spiritual cultivation by walking long distance in relatively harsh natural conditions without talking to people but looking into their inside world to build up instinct "self" stimulated by the positive power of genuine life.


    This year's walk was launched in Beijing Normal University on May 29, recruiting 19 university students as volunteer members to experience the "pilgrimage to the west".


    According to Chen Kun, the original route was from Sichuan Province to Tibet, which was dropped due to the Ya'an Earthquake in Sichuan. Then, they changed the journey route to the present one in order not to interrupt any traffic or post-disaster reconstruction.


    As the first public welfare program aimed at psychological building-up led by celebrity, "Power to Go" has won many applause yet plenty pressure as well.


    Chen Kun doesn't seem to care so much about the judging words, be it positive or negative, and expressed on his Sina Weibo: "Current feelings does not count that much. It is how you feel long afterwards. This is pure individual experience no matter happy or not. The thing is not to listen to others but the voice from your innermost."

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