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Lhasa Martyrs' Cemetery, a Red Tourism Scenic Spot

  • Source : VTIBET.cn Author : Time : 06/06/2013 Editor : Wang Yaping

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    The maintenance and reconstruction project of Martyrs’ Cemetery in Lhasa has fully started construction. To carry forward the spirit of patriotism, Lhasa Martyrs Cemetery will be built as a red tourist attraction (tour of revolution).



    Walking into Lhasa Martyrs Cemetery, reporter saw that the construction of martyrs’ memorial hall on the left side has been basically completed, and workers were reconstructing the Monument Square in the center, repairing memorial hall, and building the projects of visitor services.



    According to project director, during “the 12th Five-Year Plan” Period, National Development and Reform Commission and the National Tourism Administration confirmed to maintain and reconstruct part of the red ruins in China and carry out the second planned project of national red tourism scenic spots.



    In 2011, the construction project of red tourism scenic of Lhasa Martyrs’ Cemetery was officially included in the second planned project of national red tourism scenic.



    Lhasa Martyrs’ Cemetery, after its completion, will become a memorial site for people from all walks of life in Tibet and for adolescent students and visitors to cherish the memory of martyrs and inherit their behest, an important base to carry out patriotism education and national defense education, as well as the red tourist attraction and an important window to publicize construction of spiritual civilization.

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