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Beautiful Lunang, a fairyland on earth

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Wang Ziru Time : 07/19/2017 Editor : Wang Ziru

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    Lunang Town, of Nyingchi County, Nyingchi City, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, which is about 75 kilometers away from Bayi Town and 2,700 meters to 4,200 meters above sea level, is a warm and subhumid climate of the plateau, according to Xinhua.


    Known as a fairyland where gods live in with scenic beauties, Lunang Forest has special breathtaking scenery in every season. In Spring, it is of full-brown azaleas all over the forest, which attracts swarms of birds. In Summer, you can see golden wheat waves with fresh breezes in Lulang Forest. In Autumn, the leaves all turn yellow and then red except the evergreen pines. In Winter, snow falls on the forest as well as on the glaciers. You will get lost in the fairy tale. The clouds constantly change their shapes above Lulang Forest. Sometimes they are like galloping horses or leisure yaks.


    At present, Lunang Town has formed a product system of international vacation with abundant types, introduced 3 five-star resort hotels in combination with Tibetan style, as well as formed a complete set of high-end service industries such as business street, bank, Tibetan SPA. At the same time, Tibetan agritainment and family hotel are still operated by the villagers of Lunang Town, retaining original Tibetan characteristics.



    Photo taken on June 10 shows the International Tourist Town is located in Lunang Forest. [Photo/ Xinhua]



    Photo taken on June 10 shows Lunang Forest. [Photo/ Xinhua]



    Photo taken on June 10 shows Lunang Town at the foot of primeval forest. [Photo/ Xinhua]




    Photo taken on June 10 shows primeval forest and idyllic scenery. [Photo/ Xinhua]




    Photo taken on June 10 shows beautiful Lunang Town. [Photo/ Xinhua]




    Photo taken on June 10 shows Tibetan architecture beside Lunang Forest. [Photo/ Xinhua]

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