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Naggyi Dolma picks matsutake to raise her family

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 08/02/2017 Editor : Tenzin Woebom

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    28 year old Naggyi Dolma lives at Gidy village of Gyenthang town in Deqen Tibet autonomous prefecture, Yunan province, a place where abounds in matsutake. As reported, Yunan is one of the main producing areas of fresh matsutake, accounting for the national total output of 70 percent. From every July to September, the season for yielding large amount of matsutake, local Tibetans will flock to mountain for picking matsutake. 


    For Naggyi Dolma and her mother, picking matsutake is now the main job since it is their sole source of income. According to Naggyi Dolma, they can earn about 120 yuan every day. And throughout the year, there are about 10 thousand yuan of income for selling matsutake. 


    Known as the "king of fungus", matsutake is a natural rare edible fungus generally growing in woodlands. Though simple to harvest, matsutake are hard to find because of their specific growth requirements and the rarity of appropriate forest and terrain, causing the price to be very high. 



    In the early morning, Naggyi Dolma and her mother, along with her kid, are ready to go into the mountains to gather matsutake. [Chinanews.com]



    Naggyi Dolma and her mother work together. [Chinanews.com]



    Naggyi Dolma finds a small piece of matsutake and digs it out carefully. [Chinanews.com] 

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