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Total value of export trade of Zhangmu Port breaks100 mln yuan since reopened

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Wang Chenyan Time : 10/29/2019 Editor : Wang Chenyan

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    Up to October 24, the Zhangmu Port in Tibet’s Xigaze City has concluded a total of 404 export declarations with a total trade value of 101 million yuan, and a freight volume of 8,051.51 tons since the reopen of freight transport on May 29, according to  China Tibet News.  


    Zhangmu Port is currently in the trial operation after the recovery of freight functions. The local government and Party Committee of Nyalam County as well as Zhangmu Port Management Committee have simplified the transit formalities for goods and vehicles. They also have increased transport staff by connecting labor service export company and logistics enterprises, established traffic diversion stations, conducted inspections and management of all freight vehicles to ensure safe and orderly transportation, and taken a series of measures such as upgrading and renovating existing cargo sites to effectively improve customs clearance, and the safe and orderly operation of the port.  


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