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Seeing the answer in a seed

  • Source : China Daily Author : Time : 04/08/2018 Editor : Wang Chenyan

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    Herbariums collected by Zhong Yang and his team are ready to be sorted in Zhong Yang's workplace at Fudan University. [Photo by Feng Ai/Xinhua]

    Zhong Yang, a sower on Tibet's snow-covered plateau

    How can mortals record the immortal beauty of the world? Botanist Zhong Yang, a professor at Fudan University, demonstrated his answer with his life's work.

    In search of plant samples, he traveled to places that no botanist had ever before set foot. On the northern slope of Qomolangma - which is known as Mount Everest in the West and reaches more than 6,000 meters above sea level - Zhong carried out his work as no one had done before. He traveled more than 500,000 kilometers, spending more than 100 days in the most desolated places each year. Thanks to his audacity and dedication to his work, he collected 40 million plant seeds and surveyed the organisms on the "roof of the world" in the Tibet autonomous region.



    Zhong Yang works with colleagues in a laboratory at Fudan University in 2012. [Photo by Feng Ai/Xinhua]

    Yet his life came to an end on Sept 25, 2017 in a car accident in Erdos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

    Zhong once said, "All lives must end, but I am fearless because my students will continue the research."

    From the northern Tibetan Plateau to the southern Tibet valley, from the dead zone to the Yarlung Zangbo River, we can see traces of the spectacular life of Zhong and gain glimpses of his long pilgrimage as a collector of natural beauty.



    Zhong Yang has lunch in the field with teachers and students from Tibet University during a fieldwork exercise to collect seeds. [Photo by Feng Ai/Xinhua]



    Zhong Yang teaches in Fudan University. [Photo by Feng Ai/Xinhua]



    Zhong Yang on the hunt for plant samples in Shigatse on Aug 4, 2013. [Photo by Feng Ai/Xinhua]



    The banner mourning the death of Zhong Yang in a schoolyard of Fudan University on Sept 26, 2017. [Photo by Feng Ai/Xinhua]


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