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Ancient tombs found in Tibet

  • Source : Xinhua Author : Time : 04/11/2018 Editor : Wang Ziru

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    Tibet cultural relics researchers said on Tuesday that tombs in Ngari prefecture were found to be the oldest in the region.


    Last year, Tibet's regional cultural protection research institute organized an excavation of Gadpa Serrul relics, located in Zada County of Ngari Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region, said archeologist Shak Wangdu.


    The tombs, occupying 60,000 square meters, were built between 1600 BC and 1050 BC, and between 361 BC and 178 BC.


    Over 300 relics made from ceramic, stone, bone, copper, iron, wood, glass, shells and leather were found. There were 100 human and animal skeletons, and archaeologists also found charcoal and seeds.


    "The Gadpa Serrul cemeteries are the oldest tombs we could find so far in the region," said Shak Wangdu.


    The excavation is important to understand the civilization along the Langchen Zangbo river and to study the early history of the area.


    Researchers are studying the relics in laboratories to ascertain the identities of the owners of the tombs.

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