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Award-winning Chinese film 'Wangdrak's Rain Boots' to hit theaters in Aug

  • Source : Xinhua Author : Time : 07/31/2020 Editor : Liu Yinan


    A scene from  Wangdrak's Rain Boots. [Photo/Mtime]

    Wangdrak's Rain Boots, a Chinese film that bagged the best director award in the 2018 FIRST international film festival, is set to hit the big screen on Aug 7.


    The release date was confirmed through an announcement on the social media account of FIRST, a film event committed to the discovery and promotion of emerging filmmakers and their early works.


    Wangdrak's Rain Boots has been adapted from a novel and it's written and directed by Lhapal Gyal.


    The storyline revolves around Wangdrak, a Tibetan boy, who longs for a pair of rain boots. When Wangdrak finally gets his boots, he hopes for a heavy rainfall, which however will not come soon.


    Renowned Chinese writer-director Pema Tseden is the executive producer of the film.

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